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AT  2018  92 min

Adolf Schandl has 40 years incarceration and many failed breakout attempts behind him. Recently released, the 80 year old is now planning his final escape. 



A film by Susanne Freund


Adolf Schandl likes to dance, and dances well. But he has no need of a dance partner. Nobody would ever suspect that this jolly chap is 80 years old – and that he was only recently released after serving a 40-year prison sentence.

 “No-one locks me up”, was the moderately talented burglar’s constant refrain, and so he spent most of his sentence carrying out spectacular escape attempts. He applies the same vigour to this, the final escape Schandl hopes to pull off – legally this time. He wants to return to Australia. Where he lived a long time ago, and where life was good. A bold hope. Because other than a big, fat conviction, Schandl doesn’t have much to offer his great love down under. This in no way bothers Schandl because he doesn’t see himself as a criminal, never has.

We feel for him. But, layer by layer, the sweet Grandpa with the gentle gaze falls away and increasingly disturbing aspects of his personality emerge.