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AT  2017  91 min


A journey to the end of europe

A film by Magdalena Mayer and Stefan Laher


How public debts and austerity have changed the social structure of the Greek society and what it means to live in a country in which the public community is breaking down.

Anomia – a word that stands for a republic of slow decay, as well as for a desperate state of mind. In Anomia the needs of a majority are overruled and prejudiced by the dictate of public debt and corruption. It’s a word-creation derived from the sociological term “anomy” (German origin), which is used to describe social disintegration.

The economic and social crisis of Greece is an example of a process occurring all around the world. In the end there is a wall that separates nations, political systems, humans and opportunities. Or has it already become nothing more than a line in a globalized calculation?